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Title: til nothing comes between us anymore
Author: helsinkibaby
Rating: M
Fandom: NCIS Los Angeles 
Genre: het
Characters/Pairing: Nate Getz/Kensi Blye
Warnings: none
Word Count: 10369
Summary: 5 Reunions Nate and Kensi had. 
Notes: Very late posting this but RL kicked my ass in November! I didn't have an artist (sniff!) so I hope it's still ok to post.

AO3 link

Five Crossovers That Could Have Happened

Title: Five Crossovers That Could Have Happened
Author: shadownashira
Beta: neverminetohold
Artist: ecto_gammat
Fandoms: Supernatural/Sherlock, The Dresden Files/The Avengers, Stargate/Sherlock, Sherlock/The Avengers, Iron Man/Supernatural
Rating: All five are PG-13
Word Count: 17897 (total)
Warnings: Nothing really explicit in any of them, but please read the individual header information
Note: All five stories are standalones and unrelated to one another. I posted these on my LJ a month ago, and kind of just forgot about posting here until now. I apologise if you've already read the following fics elsewhere.

Supernatural/Sherlock: Gabriel needed a new vessel, and his best option turned out to be one John Watson, dying in Afghanistan and praying desperately.

The Dresden Files/The Avengers: Harry and Clint are childhood friends, and when the wizard gets into trouble involving a mob boss and the Chicago PD, he knows who to call for help.

Stargate/Sherlock: While on a road trip, the teenage clone of Jack O'Neill finds himself in the underbelly of London where he saves the life of a drug-addicted young genius, thereby attracting the attention of both Holmeses.

Sherlock/The Avengers: During his time in Afghanistan, John comes across an American man on the run.

Iron Man/Supernatural: Cas sits with him at four in the morning when he wakes up choking from nightmares of hands pushing his head down below water, and watches with non-judgemental eyes as he shivers violently and wraps himself up in blankets. Afterwards, the angel will let himself be dragged down to the workshop and be obsessively scanned for readings as Tony buries himself in his work in an attempt at distraction.

LJ Masterpost

(my artist seems to be MIA)
Title: Safeguard
Author: del_rion
Beta: mythras_fire
Artist: sumer_starlight
Fandom: Iron Man (1-3) / The Avengers (MCU)
Genre: Angst, drama
Rating: M / FRM / R
Characters: J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony Stark (Iron Man), Tony’s bots (DUM-E and U).
Mentioned characters: the Avengers, Maya Hansen, Aldrich Killian, Pepper Potts, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Obadiah Stane, Ho Yinsen.
Summary: J.A.R.V.I.S. wasn’t built for intervention, but he was programmed to protect his creator – even if that at times meant protecting Tony Stark from himself. These are the five times J.A.R.V.I.S. stopped Tony from taking his own life.
word count: 10 471
Warnings: Contemplated & attempted suicide, implied character death, health problems, language. Chapter 4 includes a scene from Iron Man 3 (so, spoilers).
Notes: Based on an anonymous prompt at avengerkink (LJ): 5 times JARVIS talked Tony out of suicide and reminded him that he cared. (read the whole prompt at LJ)

FIC links

ART link(s) (coming soon...)


Anyone still here?

Guys, if your fic/art is done, you can post whenever. I figured since there weren't that many, everyone could just post sometime last month around the 10th, but I guess I didn't make that clear enough.

So just post whenever you can.

Schedule + Notes

Okay, so it's clear that I've really dropped the ball here, however I can pick it up again. So a new schedule for the big bang posters is needed. I also need a few more artists, or if another artist would be willing to do art for two stories? Everyone should have art and I lack the ability to really help out there. XD

Also writers, I will post who claimed what fic, but I need you guys to comment here and let the artist know which fic is yours because my email ate the drafts, so now I have no clue who wrote what.

ecto_gammat claimed Five Crossovers That Could Have Happened

sumer_starlight claimed Safeguard

viviantanner claimed Let's Get It On

Artists, how do you feel about posting around October 10th? Writers, are you comfortable with that as well?

I still need artists for these fics:

3) Title: Disappear
Rating: 12
Fandom: Phantasy Star
Genre: (Slash, het, gen) gen
Characters/Pairing: mild implied Wren/Demi
Warnings: major spoilers, mild language, character death
Word Count: 25,0000ish
Summary: sequel to fic 'Stereopathique' where Lutz possesses Rune
through the Telepathy Ball. Although the telepathic link is severed,
Rune's historical ties to Lutz come back to haunt him when Wren and
Demi find the crashed ruins of the spaceship Noah. Something from
Lutz's past causes a disaster that almost destroys Motavia, and Lutz,
Demi and Wren have to stop it.

5) Title: til nothing comes between us
Rating: M
Fandom: NCIS Los Angeles
Genre: het
Characters/Pairing: Nate Getz/Kensi Blye
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~11000
Summary: 5 Reunions Nate and Kensi had.

Fail!Mod is a fail

So sorry to all Big Authors! For some reason, I was thinking that I had said July 1st was the date of rough drafts/summary for art claiming! Life is not my friend lately.

So without further ado, here are the fics for art claiming for the Big Bangs! Yay! Also, if there are any last minute entries for this, please email them to me at synner23 at gmail.com since i failed epically and I am so sorry!

summaries under hereCollapse )

To claim, just comment here with the following:

Title: Five Friendly Kisses (And One Not-So Much)
Author: x_disturbed_x
Artist: aquerna
Rating: PG
Fandom: Original
Genre: (Slash, het, gen) Slash
Characters/Pairing: Michael Pointe/Declan Myers
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2,009
Summary: Michael and Declan are just friends but there are times when Declan finds himself questioning that.
Author's Note: Written for the fivetimesbb

Link to Fic Master Post: Here
Link to Art Master Post: Here

face of your own (Teen Titans (2011))

Title: face of your own
Author: anstaar
Artist: krystalicekitsu
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Teen Titans comics
Characters/Pairing: Bart, Cassie, Celine, Kiran, Kon, Miguel & Tim (backround Bart/Kiran & mentions of others)
Warnings: slight swearing / sexual references
Summary: five times a member of the Teen Titans hung out with another (and one time they were all together)

Link to Fic: AO3

Extraordinary Life (Charmed fic)

Title: Extraordinary Life
Author: sara_wolf
Artist: pikasafire
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Charmed
Characters/Pairing: Piper Halliwell
Warnings: Character death
Summary: Four normal lives that Piper never lived (and one she did)
Notes: I'm sorry this is late. And I've sadly lost contact with my artist, so there's no art for my fic.

Link to Fic: on AO3

FanFiction: Love Is... (Multi-Fandom)

Five Times Three Words Remained Unspoken But Were Plain To See And The One Time It Was So Bloody Damn Obvious

Title: "Love is... "
Artist: numberthescars
Author: neverminetohold
Beta: shadownashira
Fandom(s): Person of Interest; James Bond – Skyfall; The Bourne Legacy; Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol; 03:10 To Yuma; The Avengers
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Harold Finch/John Reese; Q/James Bond; Aaron Cross/Eric Byer; Ethan Hunt/William Brandt; Ben Wade/Charlie Prince; Loki/Clint Barton
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Genre: Alternate Universe - Canon, established relationship, (mild) slash, H/C, angst, friendship
Warnings: minor depictions of violence

Summary: Love is...

… to accept pins and needles in your hand (even if you are in denial)
… going to McDonald's (much to Mr Bond's dismay)
… to massage his shoulders now (and get naked later)
… to let him go (he will need the head start)
… to follow, wherever he might lead (you thought you knew; you don't)
… to re-decorate Loki-style (happy coronary, Mr Fury!)

Link to Art Masterpost: here
Link to FanFiction: here