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Five Crossovers That Could Have Happened

Title: Five Crossovers That Could Have Happened
Author: shadownashira
Beta: neverminetohold
Artist: ecto_gammat
Fandoms: Supernatural/Sherlock, The Dresden Files/The Avengers, Stargate/Sherlock, Sherlock/The Avengers, Iron Man/Supernatural
Rating: All five are PG-13
Word Count: 17897 (total)
Warnings: Nothing really explicit in any of them, but please read the individual header information
Note: All five stories are standalones and unrelated to one another. I posted these on my LJ a month ago, and kind of just forgot about posting here until now. I apologise if you've already read the following fics elsewhere.

Supernatural/Sherlock: Gabriel needed a new vessel, and his best option turned out to be one John Watson, dying in Afghanistan and praying desperately.

The Dresden Files/The Avengers: Harry and Clint are childhood friends, and when the wizard gets into trouble involving a mob boss and the Chicago PD, he knows who to call for help.

Stargate/Sherlock: While on a road trip, the teenage clone of Jack O'Neill finds himself in the underbelly of London where he saves the life of a drug-addicted young genius, thereby attracting the attention of both Holmeses.

Sherlock/The Avengers: During his time in Afghanistan, John comes across an American man on the run.

Iron Man/Supernatural: Cas sits with him at four in the morning when he wakes up choking from nightmares of hands pushing his head down below water, and watches with non-judgemental eyes as he shivers violently and wraps himself up in blankets. Afterwards, the angel will let himself be dragged down to the workshop and be obsessively scanned for readings as Tony buries himself in his work in an attempt at distraction.

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