Five Times Bitty, Baby and Big Bang

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a big bang for "five times" stories
Welcome to five_bangs, yet another big bang challenge to tantalize, tease, and torture.

This challenge is for writers to create a fic (word counts detailed below) for het, gen, or slash in whatever fandom or crossover they desire. The catch here is that your story will take some form of the "Five Times..." format. Whether that means five chapters, five apocalypses, five hook-ups, or five items is up to you. Each story will also be assigned an artist who will create an art, vid, mix, or something else special to go with the story. Despite the name, you do not actually have to write five bangs, just five somethings adding up to a bang.

To make this challenge more accessible to all writers/artists, there are three levels of participation:

1. Bitty Bang: 2000-5000 words
2. Baby Bang: 5000-10000 words
3. Big Bang: 10000 plus words

Sign ups start in January.


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